To attract companies and investment, promote the destination and bring in key employees, Sarthe Tourisme has specific tools and methods which make up the technical corpus of regional marketing.


Regional marketing: a daily mission


"Marketing the region to attract investors, tourism and talent - an expertise of Sarthe Tourisme."


A specific trade, specialist agency expertise available to Sarthe's stakeholders



While this work has similarities with corporate marketing, there are, nevertherless, profound differences.

Indeed, there is real competition between the regions to win projects. However, the agency has no mandate to sell an existing product or service, but to convince the investor, tourist or talent that they will find in Sarthe a business environment, tourism facilities or living environment that meets their needs. This feature leads to a hyper-personalisation of what the region can offer.

This expertise is made available to the regions that make up Sarthe: municipal community groups and networks, to build a specific, targeted regional proposition.


A strategy, commercial policy and profound knowledge of the area


Sarthe Tourisme's expertise lies in the following fields:

Strategic management

This is about defining the objectives of the regional marketing activity in conjunction with other aspects of development policy. What area of intervention to use? How to set priorities by sectors and segments, depending on market conditions and regional strengths?

Knowledge of the markets

To manage and effectively implement commercial activities, it is necessary to understand these three aspects of the market:

  • demand, location criteria, market trends,
  • analysis of what the region can offer,
  • capitalisation tools, mutualisation and external dissemination of knowledge: databases of different types, websites and network communication tools, promotional material, etc.


Commercial activities

Regional marketing is also - some would say "especially" - the concrete action of promoting and prospecting for potential investors, using various tools:

  • regional promotion - advertising, press relations, general information, websites ... - aims to create a favourable image of the region in the minds of potential investors, tourists and talent,
  • canvassing - exhibitions, seminars, mail shots, identifying priority segments and target companies, conducting technical sales pitches... - can detect start-up projects,
  • negotiation - regional offers, project management system, bilateral contacts with investors ... - helps convince investors to establish themselves in the region,
  • ​set-up service - facilitating role, particularly in the field of administrative procedures, identifying potential local partners ... - whose mission is to ensure the initial success of the project,
  • after-care has the objective of monitoring pre-established investors to help them solve everyday operational problems, strengthening their local roots and assisting them in the development of their site,
  • political advice - focus groups and think-tanks, regular analyses, expert reports ... - allows the development of proposals for economic policy actions aimed at improving the region's attractiveness,
  • ​planning - property or land programmes, cluster development aid, etc. - is a direct means of intervention in terms of what the region can offer.