1. GTEC*

This is an approach that aims to analyse the economic fabric of a region and then act in partnership to:

  • improve understanding of industry sectors and local structures in a region by producing a situational analysis,
  • anticipate skills and skills development needs in the relevant sector, particularly with the support of OPCA,
  • promote the quality of employment in the identified sector and highlight its attractiveness,
  • provide employers with specific actions to address recruitment needs,
  • develop a culture of anticipation in the field of employment within companies.


(*): Regional management of jobs and skills.



"One objective of GTEC is to identify upstream trades to develop and promote to enable companies to develop harmoniously."


2. In-depth regional analysis

This action, conducted at the scale of one or more municipal communities in partnership with local economic structures, involves:

  • making a detailed study of the economic fabric of businesses,
  • assessing their interaction with each other, their potential needs for service adaptations or public facilities, their development prospects, etc.

This in-depth analysis can feed into the situational analysis of the GTEC approach, where it is used.